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Duane Asbill

Robert Duane Asbill

Broker in charge

  • Agent License: 60900

About Robert Duane Asbill

Robert Duane Asbill was born in Columbia, South Carolina, and upon graduating, attended Clemson University to earn his undergraduate degree in Forest Resource Management, minoring in Finance and Business. After completing his course work at Clemson, Duane worked with Consulting Foresters, Thomas A. Patrick and Kent Parris in central South Carolina to include the counties of Fairfield, Chester, Richland, Newberry, York and various areas of the low-country. In 2000, Duane began managing several large low-country plantations on and around Edisto Island while maintaining a Real Estate license since 2006. Management goals were uniquely applied and included wildlife and timber management, balancing and achieving development goals, historic home restoration/preservation, conservation easement acquisition and implementation with oversight and consideration of their respective budgets.

While managing the various real estate projects, Duane owned and operated a boat charter business, as well as a home renovation business. He has three children and raised them on one of the historic low-country plantations he managed. One notable project included the preservation of one of Edisto’s last remaining slave cabins that was eventually placed in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Duane has maintained the belief of treading lightly and leaving the most responsible impact upon the land he manages. He founded Fontaine real estate company upon this principle and our team will be here for all your real estate needs.

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